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Grooming is about more than...

  • Making sure your baby smells clean & good

  • Wanting them to look cute

  • Fighting shedding all over the house/clothes/furniture

  • Getting a hair cut

  • Trimming Long Nails

Protect Them From...

  • Ear and Eye infections

  • Prevent anal gland issues by staying on top of regular hygiene = Less vet visits!

  • Early detection of fleas or illness

Grooming, just like going to the bathroom outside or in a litter box is a learned behavior. Regular, consistent grooming trains pets to tolerate unnatural (to them) behaviors like brushing/combing, shaving, nail clipping and toothbrushing.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                  While I can and do recommend vet visits when appropriate, regular grooming reduces the need for vet visits for common occurrences.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Allergies anyone?? So, you get a baby and they become part of your family and then your family grows and changes… you have kids, get a new boyfriend, etc and they have allergies. You can’t now just throw the baby away… regular grooming reduces excess hair and dander that cause problems for people with allergies.

Is it REALLY a "Spaw Day"?

So... Lots of grooming salons will use "Spa" (or Spaw if we're being cheeky) in the name. But for a lot of my kids, grooming has been/ is a traumatic experience and calling it a spa day doesn't make it any more relaxing for them. That's why Picture Purrfect is different. The entire appointment is set up to ensure your baby has the BEST possible experience. We focus on trust and confidence building through massage, aromatherapy and other healing touch modalities. In order to heal past trauma and truly get your baby to learn to enjoy grooming, they have to learn to RELAX for grooming. Other "spaws" can keep the foo foo cologne... We send our babies home relaxed, stress free, and ready to take a nice long nap! 

YES! We Are Accepting New Clients!

We appreciate you wanting to join the Picture Purrfect family!

But this ain't your average groom shop. We enter into grooming relationships with the understanding and expectation that your baby's mental and physical health is of the utmost importance. As such all clients are required to maintain a regular grooming schedule suggested by your groomer. If this is not something you are willing or able to do, we would not be a good fit for your family and we wish you luck on your journey to finding the right groomer for your baby. 

Buttttt......If you're ready to go...



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