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Your Baby Deserves a Cage free, 1 to 1 Anxiety-Free Environment


I don't know many Groomers who can say this, but I can...


I’ve been chasing down strays and saving and caring for pets my entire life. My gift for connecting with my babies has drawn them to me from all walks of life and all kinds of different experiences. The confident energy I exude and the level of intuitiveness that I have for what each pet needs, wants, and fears are what sets me apart from a groomer who just does it for the money. I think about the experiences they’ve had, the anxieties they feel, why they feel them and the best ways to overcome the fears that they’ve developed.


My experiences are what drives the way I've set my business up: 


- CAGE FREE, 1 to 1 environment - to eliminate the external anxieties and create a safe environment where each pet has my full undivided attention


- SEDATION FREE grooming- sedatives only dull the senses and make your pet groggy and fearful because their body isn’t following their instincts. They aren’t themselves and they don’t understand why. For cats, it’s even more serious. We’re talking GENERAL ANESTHESIA for a fucking haircut! They aren’t having surgery, they’re getting a haircut. And what most don’t know is that when your cat is sedated for grooming that does NOT include a bath… so you’re risking anesthesia, disrupting both of your lives because-oh they can’t eat or drink for 12 hrs prior, they spend all day at the vet while you worry if they’re gonna wake up, you end up paying 3x the price and getting a fraction of the services provided by me. Instead of drugging your pets for grooming, I’d rather work through their anxieties and build a steady, dependable process they can count on and look forward to. 


- DEDICATED APPOINTMENTS & customized, individual care- These 2 go together. Because I have dedicated your time slot to your pet only, I can spend the necessary time getting to know you and your pets and create a customized grooming routine and schedule based on the individual needs of your family.

I would love for you and your baby to join the Picture Purrfect Family. Ready to Learn More - CLICK THE PAW BELOW!

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